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Russian Barbie

The Russian Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova, last week declared that she is a Breatharian and no longer needs food or water to survive. Breatharians believe that they can live on air and light and draw micro-nutrients from the cosmos in order to survive. Breatharians are not new to the extreme diet universe. Michelle Pfeiffer recently revealed she fell victim to a breatharian cult back in the early 80’s. Most who “digested” the Ukrainian Barbie’s announcement are concerned she may die of thirst and starvation if she is a true Breatharian. She already appears very anorexic. Some experts state that anorexic women can become delusional and believe that becoming a Breatharian justifies their anorexia. Lame. The Russian Barbie is full of delusions and denials. She denies having plastic surgery done, ever, but there is no way that her face and physique are natural. Valeria presents a freakish Barbie image. Women with eating disorders or who have body dysmorphia will hold her up as their idol and want to lose weight believing that they, too, can survive on cosmic air and light.

Perhaps Valeria only stated this to get attention in the media yet again, since she seems to be the epitome of attention whore who craves making the news regularly. And making the news when horrific violence is going on in the Ukraine (where she is from) shows how skewed the media’s focus and our attention is, if we place more importance on the Ukrainian Barbie’s dangerous diet choice versus the Ukrainian civil war and Russia’s intervention.

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