Barbie Controversies and Obsessions

18 August, 2012

Seems like Barbie has had every job hasn’t she? She has an impressive resume boasting such non-sexist jobs as doctor, scientist, doing her patriotic duty in the service, politician, and even astronaut. Yet none of those compared to the job title, Dominatrix Barbie. When this S&M Barbie, known as Black Canary Barbie, hit the shelves in 2008, parents and collectors were thrown for a loop when they picked this ‘sweetheart’ off the Toys ‘R’ Us shelves. She even had a Christian group reeling in disgust stating, “Barbie has always been on the tarty side and this is taking it too far. A doll in sexually suggestive clothing is irresponsible – it’s filth.”

Canary Barbie or Dominatrix Barbie comes complete with kinky fishnets, a sporty leather motorcycle jacket, black gloves and some pretty intimidating black boots detailed with metal clasps. Despite her very sexualized and dominant look, the Barbie Dominatrix sold quite well. Black Canary Barbie is based off of a DC comic superhero who shares the same name. So… why can’t Barbie be a bad ass crime fighter? She has done everything else, so who’s to say she can’t go and fight crime like her comic book hero twin does or dominate men? If anything, Dominatrix Barbie will know how to shape up that sad excuse for a man doll called Ken.

Black Canary Barbie

Barbie is quite popular around the world. Everywhere except for Iran that is. In the 1990’s Iran banned Barbie Dolls from being sold in their country. The government rejected the doll on the basis that Barbie Dolls promoted Western cultural influences since they featured makeup, ‘exposed’ hair and overly revealing clothes. The Iranian government referred to the Barbie Doll as a ‘Trojan Horse’ attempting to spread poisonous influences of the Western culture.

The Iranian government has confiscated thousands of Barbie Dolls over the years since Iran banned Barbie Dolls. It is forbidden to buy, sell or play with Barbies in Iran. Iran believes that the Barbie Doll goes against everything they hold sacred in their religious views and doctrines. One government official even stated that they want fully clothed dolls or a dolls wearing ‘Burkahs’ on their heads as the playtoys of choice.

Iran Banned Barbie Dolls

That Iran banned Barbie Dolls is doing nothing but suppressing women and their rights to freely express themselves. The Iranian and Persian cultures in Iran are oppressive cultures which permit women being stoned women to death for not covering up properly or for being accused of or committing adultery. Even though these dolls have been outlawed in Iran for many years, Iranian street vendors sell the dolls illegally on the black market. One third of Iran’s population of 75 million is women and Iranian women want Barbie Dolls to collect or for their daughters to play with. Hopefully, one day in the future, women will have full rights in Iran and be able to collect Barbie Dolls without fear and their daughters will be able to play with whichever dolls they choose.

17 August, 2012

Barbie Doll Plastic Surgery is becoming more popular. What is wrong with women who go under the knife just to look like a human Barbie Doll? And what is wrong with money hungry plastic surgeons who will take a scalpel to any woman no matter if her issues are more psychological and body dysmorphic than based on issues with her actual physical look? These women literally place their lives in the hands of corrupt face and body sculptors or even worse, they head overseas to Mexico, Thailand or Brazil for cheaper and more dangerous plastic surgery to become Human Barbies. Women are willing to pay money for Barbie plastic surgery, cash money, since this type of plastic surgery is typically not covered by medical insurance. The foreign plastic surgeries are especially dangerous, because the medical facilities where these Barbie plastic surgeries are performed are typically may not maintain completely sterile O.R. environments or feature state of the art operating rooms. Still, women are willing to put their lives at risk to undergo Barbie plastic surgery transformation to look like the anorexic doll made popular for decades.

In reality, these Barbie Doll lookalike plastic surgeries do not make women look more attractive, but instead do the exact opposite, turning these women into walking freak shows. If any woman wants to go under a potentially life threatening gimmick surgery, they should see a mental health professional first before undergoing Barbie plastic surgery. Women should love who they are and what they look like, instead of holding onto unrealistic expectations and pressure that the media and culture has placed upon them.