Barbie Controversies and Obsessions

Looks like the new Barbie went drag! A brand new Barbie doll called “Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie” has debuted, modeled after the cross-dresser and French designer Phillipe Blond and his design partner, known as The Blonds. This collector Drag Queen Barbie Doll has already caused an uproar of epic proportions among Barbie collectors, parents and right-wing conservatives alike. Mattel has supposedly stated that this Barbie Doll is neither a Barbie, nor a Ken dressed up as Barbie. Hmmmm this doll definitely looks like a Barbie! And if this Barbie Doll is supposedly to be a cross-dresser, shouldn’t it be a Ken doll dressed up in drag? Wouldn’t that be more authentic to the Drag Queen look and ethos? Regardless of the controversy, Barbie collectors are buying the Drag Queen Barbie Doll, because of its limited edition status and potential future value on the doll collector’s market. The Drag Queen Barbie is dressed in Blonds signature designer couture from their 2008 collection, specifically a silver bejeweled sparkly mini dress with a white faux fur fuchsia pink lined cape.

Drag Queen Barbie

This cross-dressed Barbie looks like a glamour Barbie, not a glamorous transvestite. The only difference between basic Barbie and Drag Queen Barbie that Barbie experts have pointed out is the doll’s intense eye makeup. And while, theoretically, gender identity issues should be discussed and not suppressed and while harmless passive fetishes should be more mainstream and less freakish, Barbie is essentially known as a toy. And a toy like this could bring up questions of gender identity and fetishism that parents will feel uncomfortable addressing. Articles online quote conservatives spouting off that the Mattel doll is promoting the fetish of cross-dressing and sending a negative message as a toy.

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