Barbie Controversies and Obsessions

Barbie Doll Plastic Surgery is becoming more popular. What is wrong with women who go under the knife just to look like a human Barbie Doll? And what is wrong with money hungry plastic surgeons who will take a scalpel to any woman no matter if her issues are more psychological and body dysmorphic than based on issues with her actual physical look? These women literally place their lives in the hands of corrupt face and body sculptors or even worse, they head overseas to Mexico, Thailand or Brazil for cheaper and more dangerous plastic surgery to become Human Barbies. Women are willing to pay money for Barbie plastic surgery, cash money, since this type of plastic surgery is typically not covered by medical insurance. The foreign plastic surgeries are especially dangerous, because the medical facilities where these Barbie plastic surgeries are performed are typically may not maintain completely sterile O.R. environments or feature state of the art operating rooms. Still, women are willing to put their lives at risk to undergo Barbie plastic surgery transformation to look like the anorexic doll made popular for decades.

In reality, these Barbie Doll lookalike plastic surgeries do not make women look more attractive, but instead do the exact opposite, turning these women into walking freak shows. If any woman wants to go under a potentially life threatening gimmick surgery, they should see a mental health professional first before undergoing Barbie plastic surgery. Women should love who they are and what they look like, instead of holding onto unrealistic expectations and pressure that the media and culture has placed upon them.

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