Barbie Controversies and Obsessions

All across America and even worldwide, many women aspire to and attempt to look like Barbie Dolls. Typically, Barbie Girls copy the Barbie Doll look from head to toe. Bleached blond hair (plus adding hair extensions), blue contact lenses and / or Barbie eye make-up, lip plumper using colored lip glosses which contain an irritant that swells the lips or Juvederm lip injections, sexy clothes, push-up bras (unless they opt for Barbie sized breast implants), high heels, fake tans, etc. Even more disturbing is that some of these girls become anorexic in an attempt to be as skinny as a Barbie Doll. Others deliberately dumb themselves down, because they think that a doll persona without intelligence is what men crave sexually and otherwise. These girls will refer to themselves as Barbies on dating sites or social networking sites to make a statement and also to attract men attracted to the Barbie Girl type.

Barbie Girls

Barbie Girls will often hang in a clique of other Barbie clones and while they don’t really discuss Barbie Dolls or collect Barbies, they all copy the look of the doll who was one of their major developmental influences when they were growing up. As teens, college girls and beyond, they now embody this doll image, since they feel this is what the current culture defines as desirable. Psychologically, they may be trying to achieve a perma-doll state: a doll never grows up, never ages, never has to take on adult responsibilities. This phenomenon is also known as Barbieism. These Barbie Girls often suffer from low self-esteem and constantly need validation that they are ‘hot’ so they frequently pursue work as club girls, strippers, models, adult film starlets, webcam girls and other jobs where they will be noticed and receive male attention they are desperate for.

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