Barbie Controversies and Obsessions

Digital art is a medium that gives artists the ability to alter images, make intriguing collages and other digital presentations. Because the world is going virtual, digital art is attracting fans to this new art form. One niche that is quite popular in the realm of digital art is using images and features of Barbie Dolls. Some of these Barbie Digital Art images are artistic, creative and endearing, but some have a deeper symbolic meaning. These images convey messages about our culture and the growing numbers of the cult of Barbie.

Barbie Has Cheezburger

One example of this would have to be the chubby grilled cheese sandwich eating Teenage Fatso Barbie. It sends out a message that a lot of American teen girls these days are a little overweight and that this chunky look is freakish and unacceptable. Perhaps overeating is a Barbie backlash. Another interesting example would have to be the 1959 Barbie photo-manipulated to look like the late Amy Winehouse. Amy Winehouse used to be a chubby girl, until the stress of achieving the thin look of Barbie Doll-like perfection overtook her fragile self-esteem. This leads you to wonder if Amy Winehouse had been at normal weight or slightly overweight, if she would have fallen victim to her fatal collapse? If you think about it, the grilled cheese sandwich eating Barbie is the prelude to the Amy Winehouse Barbie. These Barbie digital art images portray an overarching message that normal women are fat and in order for the world and the media to like them and accept them, they must be skinny little dolls just like Barbie.

Barbie Doll Amy Winehouse

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